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    luke hemmings age 15

    he looks so much like jack in the first picture

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    @AshworthGolfEU: @NiallOfficial @onedirection Looking good Niall in your personalised @AshworthGolfEU polo shirt #style 

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    when your friend calls you a “gold digging cock slut”


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(orange hair michael is v important to me)


    (orange hair michael is v important to me)

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  6. x

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  9. Louis: Let me reenact it.
    Liam: Oh no, we’re not reenacting it, it’s too much for that.
    Louis: We won’t reenact it. I don’t have to put it on. (x)

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    the past 4 years we’ve gotten to watch harry go through so many transformations: from fluffy babymillionaire to erotic farmer…from cheeky ladykiller to bright-eyed dad-chaser…from the “hot one” to the sweet weirdo that stands in the corner deepthroating bananas…

    Lol this post made my day

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Kinda wanna have Harry's legs.

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